What Can You Do if You Lose a Filling or Crown?

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Fillings and crowns are easy and effective ways to address damage to your tooth. However, fillings can start to wear out over time and need to be replaced. Your tooth could develop new decay, or you may lose a filling when eating something hard to sticky. The cement holding your crown in place may need to be replaced, or tooth decay or gum disease may result in lost dental work.

When that happens, it may be a shock, but you should resist the urge to panic. Instead, call our team to schedule with one of our dentists, Dr. Claire Black or Dr. Robert Renck for an exam and to have the filling or crown replaced. When you call, be sure to let the dentist know if you are in pain, or have new dental damage to the area.

If the dentist can’t see you right away, there are some things you can do to until your appointment. If you lose a filling, and over-the-counter pain reliever can help, or you might try a dab of clove oil on a cotton ball. A little dental cement or a temporary filling, which are available at most retail outlets, can replace the filling. But you should remember that those fixes should only be used until you can see your dentist. If a crown falls out, and you can find it, clean the inside and try to slip it back over your tooth.

Once you have the situation under control, you will need to make an appointment at Hendersonville Dentistry to arrange for a permanent repair. If you have lost some dental work in Hendersonville, North Carolina, call 828-692-3933 today and schedule your visit.