Shining a Light on Interdental Cleaners

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Which would you say is the better cleaning tool between dental floss and water flossers? Are you aware that they are both interdental cleaning tools? That’s right! Both highly effective for cleaning between teeth.

Interdental cleaning tools are specifically designed to clean between teeth in areas that your toothbrush cannot reach. Both dental floss and water flossers have been proven effective to rinse away debris and plaque buildup that may arise between teeth.

One of the key benefits of water flossers is that they do not use any thread. With traditional dental floss, thread is used to slowly and gently remove plaque and debris between teeth. However, water flossers are much easier to operate as they only require a steady beam of water to be sprayed directly onto your teeth. For individuals suffering from joint pain or muscle ailments, water flossers are ideal choices because they’re easy to operate. Furthermore, water flossers can benefit individuals that have dental restoration procedures in place that may inhibit the use of traditional floss. This includes individuals with dentures, dental bridges, dental crowns or orthodontic appliances.

If you decide to go with traditional dental floss, you may want to make sure that you are using products that are shred-resistant. This usually means going with single filament thread. Shred-resistant floss, so it should not tear or fray during use. Furthermore, use floss that is not contaminated. To help prevent cross-contamination, never use the same section of a thread more than once and never use the same thread strand more than once. Make sure to floss between each and every tooth and throw out the strand after you’re finished.

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