Facts You Should Know About Bad Breath

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Bad breath is a common problem for many. It can be quite inconvenient and troublesome at times, especially in social situations. The more you know about bad breath, the better chance you have of eliminating it. So, our dentists, Dr. Black and Dr. Renck, would like to tell you all about bad breath today. To do so, they would be happy to share the following facts about bad breath:

-There are many causes of bad breath. Some simple causes might be food stuck in your teeth, improperly cleaned oral appliances (like retainers, braces and dentures) and dry mouth. Some more complex causes might be poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease and tobacco use.

-Oral hygiene can help improve your breath, so make sure to brush and floss regularly. However, more complex causes of the bad breath, like tobacco use and periodontal disease, require professional treatment and help.

-Doing simple things like sipping on water throughout the day can help you improve your bad breath. This is because the water washes the teeth, gums and tongue as you check off your to-do lists.

-You can also improve your breath by cleaning your tongue. This is because the odorous bacteria that sit on the surface of the tongue are often the cause of the bad breath. All you need to do is brush your tongue after you brush your teeth or use a tongue scraper.

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