Dental Bridge Benefits and Proper Care

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Losing one or more permanent teeth may result in the need for a dental bridge to fill the gap left behind by the missing teeth. A dental bridge is a tooth replacement appliance that has two dental crowns buffering one or more replacement teeth to support the bridge using your natural teeth or dental implants. We invite you to learn more about the advantages of dental bridges and proper care recommendations.

A dental bridge can perform the following functions:

– Restore the appearance of your smile and enhance its performance

– Maintain a natural and flattering facial shape

– Enable function of the teeth to eat and speak comfortably

– Properly distributes the bite force to avoid stress and damage to oral structures

– Prevents surrounding teeth from drifting to fill the tooth gap

Due to the durability of dental bridges, they can easily last ten or more years as long as they receive excellent care from your oral hygiene habits. This should include receiving routine dental cleanings and exams from your dentist every six months, as well as brushing your teeth twice a day and floss every day to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. Maintaining your oral hygiene protects the teeth that support your bridge, as well as preserves your smile.

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